It will happen to almost every one of us, there will come a day when you will have to send out a very large item somewhere. Be it your old sofa, a new kitchen countertop, or even a grand piano! This scenario is not an impossible thing to happen, trust me (especially if you have one). 

In this article, we will go through some tips that you can follow so that shipping a large grand piano will not be that big of a headache. 

Measure the size of the grand piano

When shipping a very large item, the first thing that you have to do is to measure the dimensions of the object being shipped. This is necessary because most shipping companies will not ship items that are more than a certain weight or size.

It is important for the company shipping your package to know how what is the size of your shipment. Knowing this beforehand will save you a lot of time along the way especially when the shipping company will already determine the best method for shipping and the cost that they will charge you.

Secondly, it is important for them to understand what type of packaging material they will need in order for your item not to get damaged during transportation or storage once they have received it. Your shipping company will also have to arrange all the necessary equipment that they will need to use prior to your shipment so constant communication with them will always be a big help. 

Choose your shipping method

When shipping a large and delicate item such as a grand piano, you have to choose the shipping method carefully, especially since these instruments are not cheap.

White delivery truck traveling down a highway

The most common type of freight shipment is by truck, which is the fastest way to get your item from point A to point B. However, if you want your shipment delivered on time due to schedule restrictions, then you need to consider using a special type of shipping company — one that specializes in transporting heavy loads on a tight schedule, especially delicate musical instruments. Ideally, this will be delivered via an FTL method so that it will reach its destination faster and safer.

It might be possible that you’ll need a freight truck with a lift gate (or ramp). This will allow your grand piano to be loaded onto the truck without having to lift it into position yourself or have someone else do it for you. This will also be beneficial considering the cost that you will incur for manual labor.

Contact a shipper

You can choose from a variety of different shipping companies when shipping large items, but there are some things that you should consider when choosing your shipper.

You will want to make sure that the company is capable of shipping your item. A grand piano is an expensive instrument and you have to make sure that it is taken care of properly during shipment. Once you have made contact, it is also a good opportunity to ask for shipping costs and compare them with other shippers. 

You will also want to ensure that they can handle your specific needs for such a large and delicate item, and provide tracking information for your shipment. One of the most important things to remember when shipping a very large item such as this is that it must be insured. You don’t want to risk anything with such a delicate shipment. 

When choosing a shipper, ask about their experience with shipping extremely heavy and delicate objects. A good shipping company will have many years of experience handling these types of shipments.

Wrap the grand piano carefully

Once you are done with the previous steps, it is now time to start packing. There are many different types of packaging options available for shipping your grand piano. Consider a combination of the following packing methods:

  • Wrapping the whole instrument with bubble wrap to protect it during transit
  • Consider using furniture pads to further protect your piano while it is being moved
  • Packing tape will help in securing all the movable parts together including your paddings

One of the most important things when shipping a huge item is to ensure that you use proper packaging and wrapping material. This will help in keeping your package intact and safe during transit.

You will also want to consider using cushioning materials so that parts will not shift around while being transported. You can use bubble wrap or foam peanuts for smaller items that will go with your grand piano as these are cheap and easy to find at any hardware store or big box retailer.

If possible, you should always try and ship from an area where there are lots of people around so that there are plenty of helpers who can assist in unloading and unpacking your package when it arrives at its destination.

Shipping a grand piano

Shipping huge items as delicate as a grand piano can be done with the right help and preparation. If you have a similar item that is too large to ship on your own, consider working with a professional. Your options for shipping very large items are limited but there are many reliable and highly competent companies that can help you out. Contact us here at Soul Logistics for your large shipment needs. Our fleet can accommodate almost any size of shipment and we would be happy to help in any way we can.