What the Logistics Industry Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic

In  January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) as a “mysterious coronavirus-related pneumonia” that started in Wuhan, China. 2 years later, hundreds of millions were […]

Strategies for Reducing Supply Chain and Logistics Costs

The cost of logistics and supply chain is a critical component of the total expenses for any company. The more efficient your supply chain is, the lower the costs will […]

Contribution of Logistics to the Economy

Contribution of logistics to the economy is important. The term “logistics” first appeared in English during the early 19th century, with the meaning of “the branch of military science dealing […]

What is Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping

If you are working in the logistics industry, there might be a lot of industry jargon that you will encounter along the way. One of these terms might be “LTL” […]

History of the Logistics Business

Logistics business comes from the ancient time. So the history of the logistics business is very old. The word “logistics” originated from the french word “logistique” or “loger” which means […]

Fuel Prices Finally Falling in the U.S. – What are the Effects on the Logistics Industry?

Consumers in the United States, being the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels took a sigh of relief as fuel prices finally falling in the US in recent weeks. After […]